Much Pleasure,

we are the INCAPE.

Welcome! We are INCAPE (Indústria Catarinense de Papéis Especiais). 
With operations domestically and abroad, over time we have won respect and recognition in the special papers market. Such recognition has earned us an important market share in the sector, and we have built partnerships with the largest tissue paper companies in Latin America.
Since we want to go far and beyond, we invest year after year in technology and quality, thus expanding our industrial facilities and training our staff in order to always achieve the highest performance levels.
We must also remark that we are highly respectful of the environment and the people of the region. Therefore, we invest in environmental responsibility policies and social responsibility actions.
That is a bit of thehistory we are writing. We are pleased to meet you. We are INCAPE.
“Inspiring future generations”



Always do

the best !

Doing the best always!
Our mission is to develop society as a whole. To this end,we are set to empower people with lack access to culture, education, health, sports and leisure by giving them access to information and opportunities, and by doing good in order to evolve as enlightened human beings.
At INCAPE, we want to provide opportunities to our community so everyone, without exception, can have the chance to develop, thus leveraging greater opportunities for a better life for all. 
We have the conviction that we can always do the best, thus ensuring a decent future for all.
We want to leave a lasting legacy as a humanized company and inspire future generations so that they never forget that the human being comes first.
Benedito Novo, June 23, 2020



Passion for,

what we do.

Passion for what we do
Passion for what we do, working with respect, tolerance, commitment, justice and ethics are in our DNA. The set of values of INCAPE includes strengthening community actions to promote health and personal development, enhancing innovation, and believing in freedom and union with others.
What lies ahead



Our commitment is to consolidate among our stakeholders (employees, investors, customers, community, providers) the culture of personal development, which is key to our progress as a fair and competent organization. We also want to provide our society with our continuous efforts to promote a free and less unequal community.




Thinking about the future is thinking big, and knowing that we can leave our legacy. That is why we work for INCAPE to be a technological reference worldwide in the production of CoreStock for tissue paper industries.
“High performance indices”
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