Who we are

Production and progress in a beautiful region by nature.
Benedito Novo, Vale do Itajaí.
In this region, one of the most beautiful in the state of Santa Catarina, recognized for its natural features and very rich cultural expressions of the people that INCAPE is proud to be part of. Established in Benedito Novo, Santa Catarina, INCAPE - Industry Papers of Santa Catarina here he planted his seed waiting to take root and reap the fruits of this land so blessed. Got!
If the weather brought challenges, our team brought DETERMINATION. Constantly improve our products and services is a permanent search and produce, without disrespecting the environment, our greatest inspiration!
Such determination brought CHANGE: Today we are acting nationally recognized and respected in the specialty paper market! And to grow and develop, but without ever losing the pride of our land and our people. It is only fair that we demonstrated all this in our name and brand! And for all that our company, genuinely Santa Catarina is called INCAPE - Santa Catarina Industry Papers!
Company employees and growing together. This is the best paper.
To understand and believe in the importance of the roles played by each individual who contributes to the strengthening of the organizational culture of INCAPE is that the company constantly invests in safety, training and motivation of its staff. The reward of this commitment is sure to growth for all.
Some brief examples of these investments can be highlighted, such as the implementation of the CIPA (Internal Commission for Accident Prevention), training and updating of employees, respect for labor rights, internal training availability of safety equipment indispensable in preventing incentive accidents creativity which has generated highly satisfactory results for all of the factory to the board courtyard, FSC conquest (FSC STD 40-004 V2-1: FSC STD 40-007 V2-0) fulfilling all requirements set by the standards imposed under manufacturing papers, honors, awards and social events in specific holidays and many others.
A great set together with the common goal which is to translate different skills of high quality services. So is INCAPE staff: more than eighty employees forming a cohesive and truly responsible family.


Develop and produce papers with quality and reliability and to promote benefits to our customers and employees while preserving the environment.


Being Brazilian reference in the production of wastepaper paper.



Quality Policy

To develop, manufacture and commercialize waste paper to serve customers with quality, assuming the commitment in the permanent search for the satisfaction of its customers through the continuous improvement of its quality management system, products and processes, directing actions that aim to satisfy the requirements.

Quality Objectives:

        Satisfy customer needs;

Have provisions that ensure the effectiveness of the quality management system;

Monitor performance indicators;

Have provisions that guarantee the qualification of employees.

Word of the President

Challenges transformed into achievement.
Alliances, sustainable development, total quality in products and services, human and environmental respect. These and other challenges in our time and society, put up definitely ahead of companies can be perfectly summarized in a single word, which should also serve as the main policy of all organizations: Responsibility.
The INCAPE and all your staff know how wide your sense as necessary is also its practice. So much so that, as can be seen in detail in this material, work and invest always with a view to constant improvement to project our brand, services and products, fruits from a deep man and the environment to a market increasingly about longer .
The achievements of INCAPE and all its allies is another great source of pride: mainly motivated by partnerships with our customers, represent the advantageous results of excellent projects and undertaken serious and respected commitments.
So all I have great pleasure in bringing to its attention the INCAPE - Santa Catarina Industry papers.
Aldo Leopoldo Hinsching